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Startupbio – Virtual incubator

Virtual incubator


Startupbio Virtual incubator bridges the gap between new and aspiring organic entrepreneurs and the resources they need to successfully develop their ideas and make a positive impact towards the European Farm to Form Strategy for a fair, healthy, and environmentally – friendly food system.

Put your organic farming idea into practice

Do you want to either create your own organic farming business, or already have a farm and wish to convert to organic and develop it further? The StartupBio Virtual Incubator provides you, together with 11 other interested new and aspiring European entrepreneurs from Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal the opportunity to participate in a virtual acceleration program that will provide you with all the necessary know-how to achieve your goal.

In the framework of StartupBio Virtual Incubator, you will be trained on different key aspects for a successful organic business, such as business models, finance, identification of the suitable agricultural land, product development and marketing, as well as taxation and leadership. Throughout the program, you will be supported in developing your own organic farming idea and products step by step by sectorial experts and scientists. Moreover, it gives you a platform to exchange ideas with like-minded young organic entrepreneurs in a collaborative and supportive manner
April and May, 2021
Sending and collecting applications
At this stage, interested parties will be able to send their applications online, using the form above. Applications will be evaluated by Startup Bio experts.
April and May, 2021
24 June, 2021
Pitching session
The selected finalists will be invited to a pitching session on 24 June, 12.00 CET – the most promising ideas will selected and take part of the programme.
24 June, 2021
Mid June - October, 2021
The program will last 4 months. Throughout the program, you will be supported in the development of your idea and your organic farming products step by step by experts and scientists of the sector. Plus, it offers you a platform to exchange ideas with like-minded young organic entrepreneurs in a collaborative and supportive way.

Mid June - October, 2021


1. Access to the organic farmer Community

The Startup Bio Virtual Incubator will function as a meeting Hub where a virtual community of European organic farmers will be created. Here it will be possible for trainee organic farmers to discuss, ask for advice, mentorship and share experience and expertise.

2. Support and advice in the elaboration of the organic farm business plan

Providing the necessary tools and methodologies to build a successful business plan using Business Model Canvas.

3. Support in the identification of agricultural land for their organic farm production

Addressed to those wishing to build their own new business, this service will provide them with advice and support from experts in the field, directly on site.

4. Legal and Tax Accounting support

This includes technical expertise in what legal requirements are necessary for entry into particular markets.

5. Marketing strategy and sales channels

Support to the definition and development of the marketing strategy and identification of product sales channels.

6. Access to financing in the pre-seed and start-up phase

Through support in the preparation of presentations (pitching) to attract investors.

7. Leadership (training)

Organic-farmers-to-be will be mentored by professionals and experts of the partner organizations to set and achieve challenging goals, take fast and decisive action when needed, outperform the competition, and inspire others to perform at the highest level they can.